Revamp Your Kitchen and Save Money While Doing It

Food brings people together, which may be why the kitchen is often the center of the home. Of course, that also means your kitchen gets the most use, and as a result, more repairs and updates may be required than other rooms in your home.
This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though. A new kitchen can add thousands of dollars of value to your home as well as making it more attractive to prospective buyers. If you’re not planning to sell any time soon, a remodeled kitchen can revitalize your home, acting as your family’s main hub and a place to impress guests.

Before You Start

The first thing you’ll want to consider before renovating your kitchen is your home’s future. Whether you’re planning on renting it out, living in it for a few years or settling down for life should influence your remodeling decisions. Think about your return on investment and the average cost of living in your neighborhood if you plan on selling or renting your home within a short period of time. Keep in mind sellers often see better returns on minor remodels than full renovations.

Cost is another major factor to consider before starting a project. Once you get the design ball rolling, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of remodeling and splurge on cool items like built-in coffee machines or elaborate mosaic backsplashes. These can certainly define your kitchen space, but you should try to be realistic about your budget and time constraints. Even partial kitchen remodels are an expensive undertaking. If you’re spending thousands of dollars and giving up weeks of comfort during installation, you want to be sure you’ll be happy with the outcome, not regretting the price tag. A clear, immutable budget is especially helpful for people who recognize their own tendency to overspend.


Cabinets are often the largest expenditure during a kitchen renovation, but they can really upgrade the feel of your home. If you want to refresh your kitchen’s look without breaking the bank, you can reface existing cabinets by repainting, refinishing or adding veneers. Or, if you already like the overall look of your cabinets but want to give them more flair, opt for a new metallic knob or handle.

Consider that you don’t necessarily need cabinet doors – you could leave your shelving visible for a uniquely refreshing look. It’s a bolder choice in a family home, but if you’re a cook or you like to display your beautiful dishware, this could be the way to go.

One place where you shouldn’t skimp? Functionality or storage. If your cabinets are made of poor quality material, if they have significant wear and tear or if there simply isn’t enough space for all your pots and pans, additional cabinets or a complete replacement might be the best way to go.

Counters & Islands

When it comes to counters, there are nearly endless choices, and your decision should be dictated by daily use. Some counters are scratch, stain and heat resistant but may not have the look you want, and vice versa. Granite and other natural stones remain a popular choice, although authentic designer stone may strain your budget. If you’re looking for a less costly renovation, laminate and tile are both viable options. Wood, concrete and stainless steel are less common but can contribute to a unique and consistent aesthetic, whether warm and homey or modern and sleek.

Islands, while optional, can be one of the most helpful and functional additions to the kitchen, especially if you’re used to cooking for many people or throwing parties at your home. They provide durability and storage that a table might not. However, an island is only an asset if it’s an appropriate distance from the counters and appliances. It shouldn’t be so large that it closes off an otherwise spacious kitchen or becomes cumbersome to walk around. For a smaller kitchen, try a custom sized island or peninsula.

Walls, Backsplashes & Flooring

Other than knobs and handles, walls are one of the cheapest ways to spruce up your kitchen. While neutral colors always help with resale value, don’t be afraid to add a pop of color like a warm red, muted yellow or light blue if you plan on enjoying your room for a long time.

Backsplashes aren’t required, but they certainly add an element of sophistication to your space. Make sure that your backsplash matches your countertops, but don’t be afraid to use this space to highlight some accent colors. If you really want to emphasize this area of your kitchen, go with a glass or stone backsplash.

For flooring, aim for something that can withstand spills and foot traffic. Porcelain tile is a beautiful and sturdy option, while hardwood flooring is timeless and easier on the feet. If you’re looking to save money, you can’t go wrong with vinyl.


Appliances are truly what makes or breaks a kitchen. While the other parts are primarily about appearance, appliances are all about function. Many homebuyers are looking for stainless steel or integrated appliances disguised as cabinets, but don’t let that stop you from considering functionality. Convection ovens, quiet dishwashers, new fridge styles and powerful, easy-to-use sink faucets might be more appealing than lavish looks if they make daily life simpler.

Regardless of style, investing in energy efficient appliances is a win-win. Eco-friendly buyers will appreciate the sustainability, and in the meantime, you can enjoy lower water and electric bills.

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