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Sewer Sorrows: Has a Sewer Pipe Burst In My Yard?

We rely on our water pipes and sewer lines to shuttle clean water into our homes and dirty water out. With so much waste water from our toilets, showers and sinks, it’s no wonder sewer pipes wear out and burst every now and then. When a pipe bursts on your property, though, the signs may not always be obvious. Keep an eye out for these pesky symptoms of a broken pipe to minimize water damage in your home.

The Smell

Perhaps the most immediate and unpleasant sign your sewer pipe has burst is the inevitable odor of dirty water and sewage in your home. This stink often comes directly from your tub or sink drains, but the stench may also grow so strong that it permeates the entire property. If your home suddenly starts to smell like a dirty restroom, you may have a larger problem than you realize.

Flooding and Growth

Broken pipes often occur in your yard where your home’s pipes lead out to the street to meet with the local municipal pipes. When a broken pipe pushes gallons of water into your yard, it won’t take long for your perfectly trimmed grass to look more like a swamp. However, even if you don’t notice the telltale flooding you may expect to result due to a broken pipe, you may still have a problem. If your grass looks especially lush in bizarre patches of your yard, it may be time to check those pipes. Sewage is great fertilizer and a leak may be encouraging extra growth in your lawn.

Pest Problems

Sewer pipes are breeding grounds for many types of pests, including cockroaches and rats. Although most homeowners never see a living pest in their home, the signs of infestation are apparent. Dead cockroaches, palmetto bugs or sewer flies in or around drains or pipes and rat droppings throughout cabinets may be indicators of a broken sewer line. Pest infestations are a severe health risk, especially for children, pregnant women and the elderly, so it’s best to handle them quickly. In situations where an infestation may be a direct result of a broken pipe, get both issues handled as soon as possible to prevent the recurrence of an infestation.

Backups and Mold

It’s easy to ignore a little flooding in your yard, but when you notice water damage in your home, it’s time to get serious about repairing that broken pipe. You may find it’s almost impossible to take a shower or wash your hands when you have a burst pipe due to reduced water pressure and flow or even a complete cessation of water service. Perhaps all your toilets have flooded due to a drainage backup. When a busted pipe halts your daily activities, you’ll need to call in a professional as soon as possible to get your life back to normal.

All that excess flooding in your home could create some serious hazards, including water damage, rot and mold. Call in a plumber for emergency service to keep your loved ones safe and avoid additional damages.

Pipe Repair and Installation Services in Seattle, WA

Even if you notice only one or two of the signs of a broken pipe around your home, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Water damage can be disastrous for your home if left unresolved, so erring on the side of caution and calling in a plumber could save you a lot of money on water damage repairs later on.

If you think there is a leaking or broken sewage pipe in or around your home, give the plumbing pros at South West Plumbing a call. Our highly-trained plumbers offer fast and courteous service at a reasonable, upfront rate that you can approve before committing to our services. Schedule your service online or call today (206) 932-1777!

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