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Find Your Perfect Toilet Seat

Homeowners often don’t realize the impact their toilet seats have on the overall appearance and cleanliness of their home. Because we spend so much of our lives in our bathrooms, and, in particular, on the toilet, it’s important to make sure your toilet seat provides a comfortable, clean and welcoming place to sit. Depending on a homeowner’s needs, they may choose between a wide variety of toilet seats to adorn their porcelain throne.

Wooden Toilet Seats

Made from compressed bamboo or other wood coated in resin, wooden toilet seats contribute to a cozier atmosphere in the bathroom. The multiple-layered sealant creates a seating surface that retains more heat than plastic seats, meaning you’ll never have to experience a freezing seat again. Wooden seats are also available in an array of colors from standard wood grain to white, making them aesthetically versatile enough to be perfect for any bathroom décor. These seats are available at a relatively low price point, making them a popular choice for homeowners.

Heated Toilet Seats

Heated toilet seats are usually regarded as a luxury for many homeowners due to their higher cost. However, the warming system in these seats erases the fear of the numbing cold that comes from sitting on a toilet seat in the middle of the night or in the dead of winter. Most heated seats provide temperature control, allowing every user to set their own preferences before sitting down. These seats are extremely beneficial to homeowners with arthritis or chronic pains as the gentle heat can relax muscles and ease joint pain. Some homeowners are also hesitant to commit to a heated toilet seat because they fear excessive energy usage. However, these seats heat very gently over time and are turned off when not in use, allowing for minimal energy use.


Commonly confused with free-standing bidets, bidet-style toilet seats are a more luxurious choice that comes at an even higher price. Many come equipped with heated seats and remote controls that can switch between a gentle stream of water and a more intense spray. Bidet-style seats are a more hygienic and environmentally friendly way to ensure you leave the bathroom clean as a whistle. While wiping with toilet paper can just spread bacteria, bidets use a stream of water to wash away germs while cutting down on toilet paper usage. For new mothers and menstruating women who are suffering from sensitivity, the bidet-style electronic toilet seat could be a saving grace.

Customize Your Bathroom with South West Plumbing

Your toilet seat isn’t the only place your bathroom could use an upgrade. It may be time to evaluate and upgrade all areas of your bathroom’s plumbing. To learn more about scheduling an appointment, contact South West Plumbing online.

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