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5 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Enough Hot Water

Have you ever gone to take a hot shower only to discover that the water isn’t nearly as warm as it should be? This can be incredibly frustrating, especially if it’s been happening for quite some time. 

If your hot water supply is running low and you don’t know why, here are five potential reasons why you’re not getting enough hot water. 

1. You Need to Change Out Your Water Heater

If your home has an older water heater system, chances are it cannot produce as much hot water as it used to. An old tank-style heater may need to be drained and replaced entirely. Consider switching to a tankless water heater if you want consistent hot water delivery with lower energy costs. 

2. You Have a Leaking Water Heater

A leak in your home’s plumbing system can cause a significant drop in how much hot water is available at any given time. Check the pipes around the base of your water heater for signs of rust or corrosion, and contact a plumber if necessary. 

3. Your Home Has Multiple Hot Water Outlets

If there are multiple outlets in your home that use hot water (think kitchen sinks, dishwashers, showers, etc.), they will all compete with each other for the same amount of heated liquid. It may be beneficial to install separate lines for each outlet so they don’t have to fight with one another to access these resources when demand is high.

4. You Don’t Have Enough Hot Water Capacity

Some homes don’t have enough capacity in their tanks or pipes to provide sufficient levels of hot water throughout the day or night; this can make it difficult for everyone in the household to get access when they need it most. Consider investing in larger tanks or higher-capacity pipes if this is an issue in your residence! 

5. Your Insulation Is Poorly Designed

Poor insulation around pipes and tanks can cause heat loss during transit, which means less of that precious resource will reach its destination when needed most! Inspecting the insulation around these components is key; consider replacing or upgrading them if necessary so that more heat stays inside and reaches its target sooner. 

Certified Water Heater Repair & Installation in Seattle

Water heater problems can leave you uncomfortable in your own home, which is why the team at South West Plumbing does its best to ensure the diagnosis and repair process is convenient for you. Our certified plumbers work around your schedule with no extra charge for weekends or evenings. We charge by the job, not the hour, to make sure you’re satisfied with the results. We will also leave your house as clean as it was when we came, so you don’t have to worry about any messes that may come with the repairs.

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