The Differences Between Gas and Electric Heating

Gas and electrical heating are the two most common ways Americans keep their homes warm during the winter. While natural gas is the most commonly used method in the United States, it is not available in all areas, and sometimes electric heating may be a better option. Each option has advantages and disadvantages. The best solution for your home is dependent on your own preferences, available utilities and the characteristics of your home.

Gas Heating

The biggest advantage to gas heating is its low operating costs compared to electrical heating. With that being said, gas heaters can be about five times as expensive to install, but you will likely save money on monthly costs in the long run.

Gas heaters are typically better at warming up larger spaces. Because the process involves combustion of gas to produce heat, emissions need to be sent out from the living space, requiring a chimney or other form of exterior exhaust. Gas furnaces also tend to be larger than electrical options.

In terms of environmental impact, gas burns cleaner than coal and does less damage to the environment. If your local electricity is still generated with coal, a gas furnace will likely be better for the environment.

Electric Heating

One of the main advantages of electric heating is that it is easier to install and does not require a chimney. It can also be more economical when used in smaller rooms. The electrical heating process uses electrical resistance to warm up a heating element. It costs much less to install, but costs more than gas heating to operate.

The two main types of electrical heating are radiation heaters and convection heaters. Electric options can also save space, especially if it takes the form of a heat pump which doubles as both your AC in the summer and heater in the winter.

Heating Services in Seattle

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  • Gas, Electric and Tankless Water Heaters

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