Gift Essentials for the Home

There’s no better gift than a gift you can put to use right away. Home improvement products always make for great, useful gifts including plumbing-related gifts.

Plumbing Gifts Your Family Will Love

There are dozens of plumbing gift ideas to choose from. The best way to break it down is by what your loved one is interested in or simply needs in their home. If they’re a foodie or they need some new features in their kitchen, here are some kitchen plumbing gift ideas to get you started:1

  • Gourmet Faucets
    Help update your loved one’s outdated faucet with a new, modern one. Modern faucets come in a variety of beautiful models (two handle, pull-out spray, single handle with side spray) and styles.
  • Prep/Bar Sink Packages
    Celebrate the food aficionado in your family with a lovely prep/bar sink package. These packages typically include the whole kitchen sink, faucet and finish strainers. Additional accessories may also include cutting boards, making it a great, comprehensive gift package for foodies and people who are looking to upgrade their whole kitchen sink.

Instant Hot Water Faucet/Tanks

Make cooking soup, hot chocolate or boiling tea easy with a hot water faucet. Hot water faucets and tanks make great gifts for instant boiling water, removing the hassle of having to boil or microwave water.

Plumbing gift ideas don’t end in the kitchen. Here are some bathroom plumbing gift ideas that a loved one can put to use:

  • Shower Heads
    There’s nothing more soothing than taking a shower under a shower head that comes with all the bells and whistles. With dozens of models to choose from (water-saving, rain shower, multi-function, unique), gifting a friend or family member a new shower head that will enhance their warm, calming showers is guaranteed to win their admiration.

Designer Shower Drains

Add some extra charm to a friend or loved one’s shower with designer shower drains. Designer drains come in a variety of artistic designs and motifs and are stainless steel, adding a luxurious finish and look. Designer drains are a perfect cosmetic gift if you’re unsure of what to gift a friend or family member or if they recently updated or remodeled their shower but overlooked drain design.

  • Soap Dispensers
    Jazz up a friend’s bathroom with modern soap dispensers. New models come in a variety of futuristic, stainless steel aesthetics and feature stylistic dispenser buttons and tabs. Shower caddy versions are also great for combining liquid soap dispensers, loofa and bar soap holders in one.

Great plumbing gifts aren’t just limited to the indoors either. Here are some great outdoor plumbing gift ideas:

  • Designer Hose Holders
    Add some outdoor flair with custom-designed hose hangers/holders. Like designer shower drains, designer hose holders come in a beautiful array of wrought designs and shapes, and store outdoor hoses much more efficiently and cleanly than cheap plastic holders.
  • Hand Pumps
    Both decorative and functional, hand pumps are great backups during power outages and can be the perfect finishing touch to any fountain, garden or pond display. Gift a friend or loved one with this lovely, functional art piece for their yard.
  • Power Hose Washers
    A useful tool for cleaning out deep groves, power hose washers are perfect for cleaning sidewalks, driveways, gutters, brick walkways and much more. Power washers can be put to use for years, making it an essential outdoor plumbing gift.

Gift Plumbing Services with South West Plumbing

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