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We’ve been in the plumbing business for 35 years, so we’re not kidding when we say that we know our stuff. What do you need to have done? Are you a builder that needs a whole house plumbed? Are you an apartment complex manager that needs your property’s drains cleared out? Are you a homeowner with a fussy water heater that might need replacing?

You know the one to call!

Kirkland New Construction Plumbing Services

Kirkland general contractors know who to call for plumbing system installations on new construction builds. Whether you construct multiple houses in developments or specialize in custom homes, you can count on South West Plumbing to put the whole system in place. We’ll do the initial installation of pipes, vents, and sewer lines and return for later-phase placements of bathroom, laundry, and kitchen items.

Water Heater Installation and Repair Kirkland

If your water heater is acting up, it’s time to call South West Plumbing. As Kirkland’s top water heater repair contractor, we will inspect your water heater, identify its problems, and make repairs. If damage is irreparable or it makes more sense to replace the appliance than to repair it, we’ll take care of it. We can quickly remove old units and install new ones.

At South West Plumbing, we strongly recommend that all our customers schedule annual inspections of their water heaters. Some types of permanent damage can be avoided by having a unit professionally cleaned out. Improve performance and extend the life of your water heater by having it serviced every year.

Drain Clearing

Clogged and backed-up drains are common events for homeowners and property managers. Accumulations of debris, grease, soap scum, and hair stop the flow of water and must be removed.

Homeowners can often unclog drains with commercial liquid products and various implements like wire hooks, forks, and tongs. When these measures don’t work, it’s time to call a professional plumbing contractor like South West Plumbing. We have the equipment and experience to get drains cleared and water running freely again.

Sewer Line Repair

Sewer lines take water and sewage away from buildings and out to municipal sewage systems or septic tanks. They run underground and are therefore susceptible to extreme temperatures, tree roots, and getting broken by wayward shovels.

As sewer lines age, they become brittle and develop cracks. They also get filled with layers of compacted grease and sludge that have built up over the years.

South West Plumbing experts regularly clear sewer lines for residential and commercial customers. We send a small video camera into lines to identify blockage sources and locations. This information allows us to make targeted trenchless sewer line repairs.

Hydro Jet Sewer Line Clearing

Hydro jetting is the practice of sending highly pressurized streams of water into sewer lines to clear them. The jets of water have enough force to break apart the toughest of obstacles, including tree root masses and layers of compacted debris.

Hydro jetting should only be carried out by professional plumbers such as South West Plumbing. An amateur that lacks experience working with water under great pressure can damage sewer lines and injure people.

Leaky Toilet Repair and Toilet Installation Kirkland

Are you dealing with a leaky toilet? Or one that isn’t flushing properly or is running all the time?

Call South West Plumbing and get the problem addressed quickly. Leaking and running toilets will increase a water bill.

Toilet parts deteriorate over time. Flushing mechanisms inside tanks wear out with use. Seals under toilet bases degrade slowly. Minerals in water leave rings or stains at the back of the bowl.

Toilet repair Kirkland experts at South West plumbing replace worn-out components, assemblies, and seals. We also replace whole toilets if need be. We carry a range of models to suit all style preferences and budgets.

Water Pipe Repair

Burst water pipes are inconvenient and can be stressful when you don’t know what to do or whom to call.

If you have a burst water pipe, the first thing to do is turn off the main water supply into the house or building. Finding the water-main turn-off valve ahead of time is a great idea!

With the water supply turned off, now you can focus on calling a professional plumber to repair the break. Call South West Plumbing for your Kirkland repairs: 206-566-0616.

Slab Leak Detection and Repair

Think you may have a slab leak? Don’t worry. Gone are the days of flooring, walls, and slabs getting torn up in search of the elusive leak.

South West Plumbing professionals have slab leak detection devices that allow us to isolate leaks quickly and perform targeted repairs with minimum disruption to the surrounding structure.

Sump Pump Installation Kirkland

Sump pumps are small motors that keep floodwaters from ruining basements and below-ground rooms. When floodwaters invade a room and start to rise, they lift a float on the pump that activates the motor. Water gets pumped out of the room and away from the building, saving furnishings and possessions from irreversible damage.

Call South West Plumbing for sump pump installation, servicing, and repair.

South West Plumbing is Kirkland’s top residential and commercial plumber, providing comprehensive general and emergency plumbing services. Call 206-566-0616.