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The 1 to Call for a Smart Home or Simple Thermostat Replacement

Most modern thermostats are designed to be the main interface for your HVAC Systems’s inner workings and not just for temperature control. While thermostats can control temperature, they can now also tell you outside temperature, inside and outside humidity as well as provide you with ways of scheduling when and how to heat or cool your home.

Standard / Basic Thermostats

These are simple digital readout units with controls for heating, cooling and temperature. These types of thermostats measure temperature where the unit is installed and allow you to adjust it as needed.

Programmable Thermostats

With a programmable thermostat, you’ll have the ability to set a schedule, or schedules for when and how your HVAC system heats or cools your home. This is designed to maximize the efficiency of the system, but more importantly to help you save money by not running your HVAC system at maximum when you’re not home, or asleep. By extension, a programmable thermostat can also increase the lifespan of your equipment.

Smart Thermostat

Also known as smart home thermostats, these units can in some cases tell you everything you ever would want to know about your HVAC system, its electricity usage, when to change filters and also give you information about outside temperature and humidity along with a weather forecast.

The most used feature of a smart home thermostat however is the ability for you to be able to control it via a smartphone app from anywhere in the world (as long as the thermostat is connected to the internet of course). This can for example allow you to pre-heat your home in the winter as you return from a trip, or set a schedule in case you forgot to do so before leaving to go on vacation.

If your current thermostat is not working properly, please first check the following:

  • Check the thermostat batteries and replace them if necessary
  • Check your furnace power switch, which may look like a light switch
  • If you have an existing smart thermostat, check its Wi-Fi connection to make sure it’s connecting properly
  • In some cases, a so-called firmware update may be necessary to get your thermostat back in working.

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