Plumbing Improvements for New School Year

South West Plumbing recommends plumbing improvements for the new school year

Seattle residents receive recommendations for maintaining household efficiency

SEATTLE — Sept. 10, 2021 — With the children at home over the summer, South West Plumbing, Seattle’s leading provider of plumbing services, recognizes that accomplishing important plumbing tasks can be difficult for area residents. Now that children have returned to the classroom, household maintenance tasks can be scheduled to ensure homes run at an optimal level.

“Ensuring your plumbing system is in working order is very important throughout the year to help prevent major clogs or leaks,” said Mike Soriano, general manager of South West Plumbing. “With the kids at home, summer vacation is a time where your plumbing system is being used more consistently – thus creating more wear and tear. Now is a great time to have your pipes checked since the children are back in the classroom.”

Soriano and the South West Plumbing team offer these three improvements for residents to tackle while their children are in school:

  • Check and flush water heater: It is important for homeowners to consistently flush their water heaters to minimize the amount of sediment in the bottom of the unit. This can be easily done while the kids are away, and it helps extend the life of the water heater to ensure you continue to have hot water as well. During this time, there is also an opportunity to install a new tankless water heater. These alternatives provide an on-demand style of hot water that helps ensure there are no more cold showers or baths. These systems can be extremely efficient because they only use energy when hot water is in use.
  • Clean your garbage disposal: Many believe that garbage disposals can be used for any type of food to be discarded. That is not the case. Starchy and stringy foods can damage garbage disposals. These foods can also get stuck in the system and create bad odors. Allowing baking soda and vinegar to sit in the disposal before flushing will help clean the system. For a more consistently clean smell, grind lemon or orange peels regularly.
  • Schedule a drain camera inspection: If you want to ensure there are no underlying drain issues in your home, a drain camera inspection will do the trick. Using a specially designed waterproof camera system, the technician can identify problems in the drain or sewer line that are hard to find. If there is a problem, experts can alert the homeowner to have the problem fixed.

“There is nothing worse than washing dishes or taking a shower and discovering the drain is clogged,” Soriano said. “With the house empty, take the time to accomplish those plumbing tasks that weren’t handled over the summer.”

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