How Nature Can Affect Your Home’s Value

As a responsible homeowner, you likely take every necessary precaution to ensure your home is in tip-top shape. Regular maintenance of important systems such as plumbing and heating can go a long way toward improving and preserving your home’s value. However, some factors are out of your control. Sometimes Mother Nature can swoop in and undo all the careful work you’ve done. Here are some of the ways nature can directly affect your home’s function and value.

Tree Roots

A tree in the front yard is a beautiful landscaping choice. While cleaning up leaves or other debris might be tedious, the shade and curb appeal a tree provides are worth the hassle. Roots spread out in every direction from a tree’s base, anchoring it to your property and ensuring it gets the nutrients it needs to grow strong. Unfortunately, those same roots can wreak havoc on your plumbing.

Tree roots seek sources of water, absorbing the liquid from underground as needed. In older homes, or even modern homes with outdated systems, these roots can creep into plumbing pipes. The roots can then cause the pipes to crack, rupture or form large obstructions that block water flow.

Shifting Earth

The Seattle area rests on several fault lines. While it might not seem likely, earthquakes are a possible and present danger for all residents. Even small landslides can cause significant damage to a property’s landscape and structure. A loose lawn is more easily eroded, which can cause small-scale landslides that destroy landscaping and potentially reveal underground plumbing and wiring. The best way to avoid this phenomenon is by living in flatter areas, grading your yard or planting large plants. Tree and bush root systems actually help stabilize soil!


Rainwater doesn’t disappear when it reaches the ground, but instead gets absorbed into the surrounding soil. While the water is good for plants and animals it can pose significant risks to commercial and residential structures. Houses with basements are susceptible to flooding, even when it isn’t raining, from groundwater in the surrounding area. Wet ground can also lead to landslides, damaging and eroding whatever the wet soil passes through. The excess moisture can lead to the growth of mold and bacteria, ruining a home’s structure and causing unexpected health problems.

Perceived Risk

Even if you’ve never experienced a natural disaster or environmental damage, housing prices and popularity can be affected by nature. Homes in areas more prone to environmental danger might be more difficult to sell or even sell for less than you’d hope. Invest in regular home maintenance to reassure both yourself and potential buyers that your house is secure!

Plumbing and Heating Services in Seattle

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