A Great Day at South West Plumbing

It’s something we say, and have said for years when our people pick up the phones here at South West Plumbing.  For instance, if you called our phone number RIGHT NOW you’d hear the phone pickup and one of our FABULOUS call-takers would begin the call with: “It’s a Great Day at South West Plumbing!”, and then proceed to introduce themselves and offer to help you.  Try it out sometime! It’s not only a scripted and practiced response, it’s a mantra, a way-of-life kind of statement.

We know that Plumbing problems aren’t exciting and aren’t fun—neither are heating issues or catastrophic water damage situations for that matter.  We COMPLETELY empathize with the idea that you might be having the worst day you can imagine.  So, yeah, we’re accustomed to folks hearing us say our customary open line and replying, “Well, I’m glad it is a great day there, because it sure isn’t such a ‘great day’ here”.  Our whole team “gets it” and isn’t trying to overlook the magnitude of plumbing emergencies. It’s not attempt to make light of the situation, it’s a way for us to display OUR readiness to serve you.

One way to look at it, is to see that it’s our job and place as a Plumbing company to operate smoothly and in fact, HAVE a great day, so that we can focus on working hard to help you make it a great one for you and your family too! South West Plumbing has to stay ready to move quickly and efficiently to get your information, then get our technician out to your home. Maybe we could say, “How can we make YOUR day great too?” Well, that’s our aim anyhow, whether we say it outright, or just get moving on getting your solution for you. I mean, that’s what you really want, right? Us to get out to you at a convenient time and get your problem handled, so that you can move on with your day, your week, your life. Well, then, you know the 1 to call!

South West Plumbing is in the business of solving Seattle, Tacoma, and Everett’s Plumbing problems. We continue to make sure we have “A Great Day at South West Plumbing”, so that we can be the kind of Emergency Plumbing Service YOU can count on! … Another reason why we are The 1 To Call!