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Homeowners and property managers alike deserve a trustworthy plumber with experience and skill, and South West Plumbing professionals meet the criteria. Call 206-566-0616 for the best Silverdale plumber.

Top Silverdale plumbing contractor South West Plumbing provides every service residential and commercial customers need. For more than 35 years, South West Plumbing has been doing everything from water heater maintenance to entire system installations for the people and businesses of Silverdale.

Whole House Plumbing System Installations

Are you a builder or general contractor? You need the best Silverdale plumber to install the plumbing system on your new build. Call South West Plumbing for an easy and satisfying experience. You’ll find us responsive, competent, and affordable. We’ll honor your construction timeline and complete our work in a timely manner.

Water Heater Maintenance Silverdale

When was the last time you had your water heater serviced? When was the last time you even thought about your water heater?

Despite water heaters’ important contribution to our homes and comfort, we often forget about them until they stop functioning. Often, the years of neglect result in emergency calls to the plumber and a costly repair or total replacement.

Avoid the frustration and hassle of a failed water heater by scheduling annual inspections. South West Plumbing pros will correct any underperformance that is beginning and will ensure your water heater lives a long, efficient life.

Drain Clearing Silverdale

Clearing a clogged drain is not any homeowner’s favorite task but is an inevitable part of owning a property. Most owners tackle the messy problem themselves with a host of tools from around the house or from a hardware store. However, sometimes the clog is so stubborn that it can only be removed with the equipment and expertise of a professional plumber. When it comes to this, call South West Plumbing to take care of you.

Unclogging and Repairing Sewer Lines

If you have a blocked or damaged sewer line, we understand the stressful situation. The nature of sewer lines’ function and location means that they are vulnerable to damage and blockage, yet difficult to access and repair. Sewer line blockages can be tough and stubborn, and damage to one of these pipes can cause a host of other problems.

The expert plumbers at South West Plumbing use video technology to find clogs and identify damage. We then perform trenchless sewer line repairs, preventing a mess in your yard and saving you unnecessary expense.

Hydro Jetting Technique

One method that the best Silverdale plumbing contractors use to clear sewer lines is hydro jetting. This technology involves shooting pressurized water through sewer lines to remove tough clogs like hardened grease and stubborn tree roots. It is very effective but should only be undertaken by experienced professionals like the team at South West Plumbing.

Toilet Leak Repair and Replacement

Any owner of a building five to ten years old experiences problems with toilets. Internal components and seals simply start to give out at a certain point. You will notice failing flapper valves, loose or broken chains, and degrading seals.

Call an expert from South West Plumbing to inspect your toilet when you notice it running continually, leaking, or not flushing properly. We repair or replace all toilet components.

Occasionally we may recommend a replacement toilet. This suggestion will come from our expert opinion and a desire to save our customers money over time. Our company keeps a variety of toilet options in stock so that you can choose the perfect one to fit your style preference and budget.

Burst Water Pipe Repair Silverdale

There are several reasons why a water pipe might burst:

  • Being struck
  • Connections deteriorating with age
  • Water inside pipes freezing and expanding

Whether a pipe is forcefully struck or has corroded and deteriorated over time, your response to the break should be the same: immediately turn off the water main.  (Make sure you know ahead of time where your water-main turn-off valve is located.) Call South West Plumbing next, so that we can evaluate the damage and perform a swift repair.

We Service Sump Pumps

Do you have a sump pump in your basement? When is the last time it was inspected or serviced? Sump pumps can save your home from extensive water damage and prevent costly repairs, but they must be maintained to function properly. Schedule an appointment with South West Plumbing for sump pump installation and repair service.

Slab Leak Detection

Dealing with slab leaks is every homeowner’s nightmare. We understand the concern: these leaks are tricky to pinpoint and difficult to repair. To make the process easier and more efficient, South West Plumbing uses advanced technology to pinpoint a leak’s location and complete a careful and targeted repair.

For reliable residential and commercial water heater and plumbing services in Silverdale, contact South West Plumbing: 206-566-0616.