Seattle Electrician: Lighting

Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Installation for your Seattle, WA Home

LED lighting has become an affordable way to replace outdated filament or halogen bulbs for your home. Not all LED bulbs are alike however, so make sure to have one of our licensed electricians recommend the best brands for you. Additionally, LED bulbs come in a variety of color temperatures, from warm and relaxing to almost daylight bright. If you need control over your bulbs and want to schedule them to turn on and off automatically or via your smartphone, we can recommend a range of smart bulbs to best fit your needs.

Landscape Lighting, Outdoor & Security Lighting Installation

Outdoor lighting is a great way to upgrade the look of your home and also increase safety. A well-lit home is more likely to deter would-be robbers. Outdoor lighting has to be maintained regularly to keep lights clean and aligned as well as to check for any possible wiring issues.

Switches & Dimmers

Light switches don’t just turn lights on and off. They can dim the lights (using dimmable bulbs), turn on other outlets or ceiling fans and can even be controlled from your smartphone if using a smart switch.

A Southwest licensed electrician can provide you with a free estimate on the best way to upgrade or improve your home’s lighting, switches and dimmers. Call us today at 206-566-0616 or request your appointment online »