Seattle Electrician: Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Smoke Detectors

Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Smoke Detectors

Vitally important for your health and safety of your home and family, CO & Smoke Detectors have to be regularly checked and tested. Both units can be plugged in or battery operated, but almost all models have a battery back-up installed in case of a power outage.

CO Detectors (Carbon Monoxide)

Carbon Monoxide is a color-less and odor-less gas that settles very quickly, but can build up over time due to a faulty furnace, oven or range. Because you can’t smell it or see it, it can render you unconscious without you even realizing it and cause a range of health issues. This is why it’s so important to have CO detectors installed in the proper locations and regularly maintained by testing and checking their batteries.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detectors are usually installed on the ceiling and come with a variety of features. Some can even be networked throughout your home either through in-ceiling wires or wirelessly. They should be regularly tested for proper operation and replaced if they’re past their use date.

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