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If you are looking for a dependable and knowledgeable plumber in Kent, call South West Plumbing at 206-566-0616.

South West Plumbing offers comprehensive plumbing and water heater services to the city of Kent, and we have been doing so for over 35 years. Our customer base ranges from property managers to business owners to homeowners. We provide all our customers with affordable services that include but are not limited to, water heater repair and installation, sump pump maintenance, and sewer line repair.

Water Heater Repair and Installation Kent

We strongly recommend annual inspections and servicing of water heaters.

Most homeowners tend to take these appliances for granted – that is, until the hot water goes out. Waiting until the moment that a water heater goes out usually ends up in an inconvenient and costly repair.

Prevent an emergency call by scheduling yearly inspections and service visits with South West Plumbing. Yearly maintenance visits will ensure your water heater functions at capacity for the duration of its life.  

When your water heater needs replacing, South West Plumbing has a variety of styles to choose from. We recommend you consider a tankless water heater, though we stock and install both tankless and standard models.

Drain Clearing Kent

Unclogging a drain is messy business. Sometimes homeowners can unblock their drainpipes with the help of solutions and plungers, but other times these methods are not enough, and a professional plumber needs to be called.

Our plumbers at South West Plumbing have the experience and equipment to find the source of the clogged drain and clear it completely.

We Unblock and Repair Sewer Lines

Like drainpipes, sewer lines also get clogged, but they are trickier than drainpipes to clear. Because these pipes are underground, identifying the source of the blockage and then accessing that blockage are difficult for most homeowners to do on their own.

What kind of blockages and damage do sewer lines sustain? Tree roots may penetrate and fill the lines and sludge may build up and solidify. Pipes may be compromised by sudden and dramatic changes in temperature or shifting ground.

To make sewer line repairs less messy and expensive, South West Plumbing inserts small video cameras into the lines to identify sources of blockage. Repairs are targeted and efficient. This is called trenchless sewer line repair.

Hydro Jetting

In addition to our trenchless sewer lines repairs, at South West Plumbing, we also use a clearing technology called hydro jetting. This technology involves sending a pressurized water stream through the sewer line at such force that it breaks apart solid debris like tree roots and sludge.

Toilet Leak Repair and Toilet Installation

Leaks, breaks, and malfunctioning parts are common in toilets in homes and buildings more than a decade old. If you have noticed failing flapper valves and chains, worn out seals, and weak or corroded pipes, you are most likely seeing the effects of many years of use!

The plumbers of South West Plumbing are skilled in repairing toilets that are performing poorly. Sometimes, however, replacing a toilet is the smartest and most cost-effective solution. If you need a new toilet, call us. We install all varieties, including efficient models that conserve water.

Bathtub and Shower Service

Whether you need a brand new shower or bathtub, an old one replaced, or new fixtures installed, call a good plumber to get the work done right. South West Plumbing experts will replace and install units and fixtures and perform any related repairs that you need.

Burst Pipe Repair Kent

Do you know what can cause a pipe to burst? Freezing water can do it, but so can impact and old age. If a pipe is hit with force, it may break. Oftentimes burst pipes are the result of deteriorated materials. If one of your pipes has burst, it needs to be repaired as quickly as possible. Call the professionals at South West Plumbing to do the job.

Slab Leak Repair

Slab leaks are what every homeowner hopes they never experience. At South West Plumbing, we know that slab leaks are worrisome, but we use advanced technology to locate leaks and repair them with minimal impact on the slab itself.

Sump Pump Maintenance and Installation

Many homes that have a basement also have a sump pump. The function of this type of pump is to remove water from the basement in the event of a flood. Rising water lifts a float attached to the pump, causing it to activate and get to work. To have a sump pump serviced, repaired, or installed, contact South West Plumbing.

For Kent water heater service and general plumbing, call South West Plumbing professionals at 206-566-0616.