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Whether you need a toilet repair or sewer line cleared, you want the best Issaquah plumber to perform this type of work. The experts at South West Plumbing are equipped to handle any plumbing issue you face and will do it with skill. Call us at 206-566-0616.

We are grateful to have called Issaquah our business home for over 35 years. South West Plumbing has served both residential and commercial customers here, always putting quality first and offering the best prices possible. We provide a wide range of plumbing services and are the top Issaquah plumbing contractor.

Installation of Plumbing Systems

South West Plumbing experts are highly skilled in installing brand new plumbing systems. If you are building a new home or commercial property, let us work hand-in-hand with your general contractor to create a cohesive schedule of phased installations that will seamlessly fit into your building timeline.

Water Heaters: Installation and Repair

To avoid emergency calls when your water heater suddenly goes out, we suggest you put an annual water heater inspection on your calendar. Water heater parts will deteriorate over time due to use and age, which can result in subpar performance and eventual damage. Schedule a service call now so that one of our experts can come take a look at this important appliance.

If your water heater is too far gone, don’t worry. South West Plumbing keeps a variety of water heaters in stock and can install anything, from standard to tankless types.

Drain Clearing Issaquah

Blocked drainpipes are frustrating, inconvenient, and a pain in the neck to clear. Homeowners often try their hand at unclogging the drains, but sometimes a professional plumber needs to be called. Between our experience, skill, and specialized equipment, the South West Plumbing team will get your drains cleared in no time.

Sewer Line Repair and Clearing

Sewer line blockages are less common than clogged drainpipes but present a considerably larger issue to tackle on your own. Blockages can be caused by sludge buildup or thick roots entering the pipes. The line may also be damaged by changing temperatures or settling ground, since these pipes are underground and vulnerable.

At South West Plumbing, we value efficiency and affordability. This is why we utilize tiny video cameras to view the inside of sewer lines and identify the location of the issue, instead of digging up your entire yard. Trenchless sewer line repair allows our experts to target the impacted spot, saving you a mess and, more importantly, money.

Drain Clearing Technology: Hydro Jetting

An advanced method of sewer line clearing is called hydro jetting, which is used by the best plumbing contractors. South West Plumbing utilizes this high-pressure water jet to disintegrate the solid sludge and tree roots that fill your sewer lines, allowing free passage of water once again.

Toilet Installation and Repair

Have your toilets been causing you problems? In homes and buildings over 10 years old, this is a common problem that comes with years of wear and tear. Some components wear down and fail and others corrode and break.

Whatever the cause of the issue, South West Plumbing will repair your toilet expertly. If replacing it altogether is the most cost-effective solution, we are equipped to do this, as well. We carry a wide variety of toilet types and styles and will install the one that is best for you.

Showers and Bathtubs

Do you need a shower head repaired? Or a new bathtub installed as you prepare your home for sale? Whatever it is you need, South West Plumbing can take care of all things showers and bathtubs, from repairing a leak to replacing a fixture to installing the entire unit.

Burst Pipe Repair Issaquah

A burst pipe requires immediate attention. Whether water froze inside of the pipe, the components corroded and wore down, or something knocked it with force, South West Plumbing will quickly address your water pipe problem, replacing the burst pipe and evaluating the system for underlying issues.

Sump Pumps: Repair and Installation

Sump pumps, while not everyday appliances like water heaters, are impactful in the event of a flood. If water is rising inside of a building, these pumps have sensors that will initiate the pumping of water away from the structure. For sump pump installation and repair services, call the pros at South West Plumbing.

Detection and Repair of Slab Leaks

South West Plumbing knows that slab leaks are a distressing problem for homeowners, but you can trust us to take care of them with a high level of skill. Our experts use advanced equipment to detect the source of the leak so that we can access and repair it with as little impact to the structure as possible.

South West Plumbing offers comprehensive water heater and plumbing services to Issaquah and the surrounding area. Call 206-566-0616 today!