Plumbers in Covington, WA

Home and business owners, when you need the best plumber Covington has, there’s one company to call: South West Plumbing.

Bring us your residential and commercial plumbing needs, and we’ll take excellent care of you. Our South West Plumbing experts have been in the business for 35 years, and our customers have complete confidence in our comprehensive services. We offer whole system installation plus a spectrum of a la carte services such as water heater installation and repair, slab leak detection, and drain clearing.

Covington Plumbing Systems

Covington commercial and residential builders choose South West Plumbing for whole system installations on new construction builds. We cooperate with general contractors to get the work done in a timely way, laying down the foundational system first and returning for targeted tasks such as installing showers, sinks, and fixtures.

Water Heater Installation and Repair Covington

Water heaters that fail suddenly—such as in the middle of someone’s hot shower—prompt rapid emergency calls to plumbers. South West Plumbing experts respond quickly, even after hours, to restore water heaters to working order.

We recommend that all homeowners and property managers schedule yearly maintenance visits to keep water heaters in good condition. Neglected water heaters can develop problems that lead to permanent damage. Annually serviced water heaters stay in good condition, perform well, and usually last a long time.

Call South West Plumbing today to schedule your water heater service call: 407-932-1777.

Drain Clearing Covington

Clogged drainpipes are messy and inconvenient. Normal household activities and personal grooming tasks come to a stop while everyone waits for drainpipes to be cleared and water to flow down freely again.

Typical homeowner remedies include pouring down liquid products to dissolve blockages and inserting tongs, forks, and coat hangers to pull out accumulated hair and gunk. These often work, but when they don’t, a professional plumber needs to be called.

South West Plumbing drain clearing experts Covington remove obstacles and restore pipes to full functionality.

Sewer Line Clearing and Repair

Sewer lines carry water away from houses and out to septic systems or city sewage conduits. They run underground and are therefore vulnerable to invading tree roots, shifting soil, and accumulations of grease and sludge.

South West Plumbing is Covington’s best sewer line clearing plumbing contractor. We clear and repair sewer lines for residential and commercial customers. Our advanced video technology allows us to quickly find blocked areas and perform targeted trenchless sewer line repairs. Trenchless repairs mean less turf gets torn up as we work to address sewer line problems.

Hydro Jet Sewer Line Clearing

Hydro jetting is the use of highly pressured streams of water directed into stubborn blockages to break them apart. This technology effectively clears solid masses such as tree roots and compacted sludge.

Hydro jetting should only be done by professionals because the pressurized water is dangerous if misdirected.

Toilet Installation and Toilet Leak Repair

Got toilet problems? South West Plumbing has solutions.

Toilet issues are common in homes and buildings more than ten years old. Parts and seals simply wear out and must be replaced or repaired. There are components inside toilet tanks that deteriorate over the years and seals at the bases of toilets that degrade.

At South West Plumbing, we usually resolve customers’ toilet problems quickly. Generally, repairs are not complicated or lengthy.

Sometimes toilets need to be replaced. We carry a range of toilets suited to all budgets and style preferences. We also carry low-water-use models and bidets.

Water Pipe Repairs Covington

Burst water pipes are bad news for anyone. If you have water pipes that break, call South West Plumbing. We’ll take care of you even after business hours.

Water pipes break for various reasons.

  • Pipes freeze during the winter and the expanding water breaks them
  • Corroded connectors and valves give way
  • Pipes get hit by objects and broken

Do you know where your water-main valve is? Find it and know how to turn it off. If a water pipe breaks, turn off the main and call South West Plumbers to make repairs.

Sump Pump Installation and Repairs

Sump pumps are small motors that remove water from flooded basements. At South West Plumbing, we install and repair sump pumps. We recommend having sump pumps serviced periodically to make sure they are always ready to spring into action.

Slab Leak Detection and Repair

The experts at South West Plumbing are equipped with the technology to locate and repair slab leaks without excessive impact on flooring and walls. Call us if you suspect a slab leak has occurred in your home or building.

South West Plumbing in Covington is your provider for all residential and commercial plumbing needs. Our comprehensive services include installations, repairs, inspections, and maintenance.

Add South West Plumbing to your Covington favorite contacts today: 206-566-0616.