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HVAC Tips To Help Reduce Allergens

As the weather begins to warm, flowers and other allergen irritants begin to bloom. No matter how often you clean your home and attempt to prevent allergens from entering, they still find a way inside, either on your clothes, through open doors and windows, on pets, in the hair of dirty, rambunctious children or external vents. Here are some HVAC tips to help you keep allergens out of your home and keep the sneezing and itching to a minimum.

Reducing Allergens in Your Home or Office

Purchase high-quality air filters

The first line of defense against allergens entering and being circulated throughout your home, air filters are incredibly important to your home’s overall air quality. Make sure to purchase filters with a MERV 8 rating, which trap more microscopic particles than other filters. Replace filters at least every three months and maybe even as often as every month depending on frequency of HVAC use and the sensitivity of residents or employees.

Inspect your home for mold

Mold is an irritant that grows in moist, humid environments. Examine condensate drip pans, ducts, evaporator coils and air handlers every couple weeks for signs of mold. You can clean small, trace amounts of mold on your own, but it’s best to call HVAC professionals or mold remediation specialists to handle larger instances of mold in your HVAC system, as disturbing mold can cause it to spread throughout your home.

Dust registers and return vents first

Most people dust their homes but not their registers and return vents. These vents circulate the air from your HVAC system. If they’re covered in dust then it too will be spread throughout your home. Clean them with a damp rag to absorb the dust and any dust mites that might be hidden in the dust.

Clear debris away from external vents

AC units pull outdoor air through the HVAC system and circulate it throughout your home. Any caught debris on external vents, whether it’s pollen or leaves, can be pulled into your home, so make sure to remove and clean debris from all external vents. The same goes for indoor vents; make sure to clean them after vacuuming or sweeping in their proximity.

Schedule an HVAC appointment

If you’re concerned about the health of your system and what that may mean for your home’s occupants, make sure to schedule routine maintenance with South West Plumbing. Our HVAC technicians can diagnose any issues your system may have and provide solutions on how to improve performance and indoor air quality.

Have Your HVAC Professionally Serviced by South West Plumbing

The best way to ensure maximum longevity and optimal efficiency of your air conditioning and heating systems is to schedule routine maintenance twice a year. Our detail-oriented HVAC technicians at South West Plumbing excel at inspecting and serving systems of all makes, and can ensure your air conditioning, furnace or heat pump is in proper, safe working order. Contact South West Plumbing today to schedule a maintenance visit!

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