Drain Clogs and How to Fix Them

We’ve all experienced it before. On those stressful mornings, when you need that 5-minute shower to wake you up, and then… it happens. Your bathroom drain clogs, and you’re standing in inches of gross water.

Some of us only experience it with minimal frequency. Not enough times to call a plumber, but enough to go to the nearest hardware store and get some drain cleaner. And sure enough, the problem seems to disappear.

However, sometimes, drains begin clogging up more frequently. If you start seeing signs like your drain is clogged, constantly overflows, is generally slow-flowing and slow-draining, and even accompanied by a gurgling noise from the toilet; it’s all connected. At that point, it could be a sign of a bigger problem, such as root intrusion to your sewer lines. In these instances, a qualified plumber should inspect your drain and sewer lines before the damage gets out of hand.

You know the 1 to call!