Protect your drains this summer

Be proactive in protecting your drains this summer

South West Plumbing offers advice on how to prevent plumbing issues

SEATTLE — May 11, 2021 — South West Plumbing, Seattle’s leading provider of plumbing services, reminds homeowners that regular maintenance can keep their plumbing systems working properly whatever the season.

“It is important to take care of your plumbing system all year long,” said Darrell Paul, general manager of South West Plumbing. “Small, overlooked problems can mean big headaches (and expenses) down the road.”

Calling a licensed professional for an annual plumbing inspection will ensure there are no surprise problems looming. In addition to hiring a certified plumber, homeowners can also take some proactive steps to keep their plumbing systems healthy:

  • Take care of your drains. Even the best kitchen disposal can’t process all types of food. Making sure the proper foods are discarded down the drain will keep the plumbing system from getting clogged. Foods to avoid putting down the drain include bones, celery, coffee grounds, eggshells, fruit pits and potato peels.
  • Install drain filters. Over time, hair can accumulate in bathroom drains causing problems. A drain filter will provide a safeguard against hair flowing into the plumbing system.
  • Check the water heater. Look for any rust or corrosion issues and check for leaks. Regular maintenance can extend the life of the water heater.

“Making sure your plumbing system is fully operational and efficient will make life much easier,” Paul said. “This is the perfect time to take extra steps to help guarantee fewer plumbing problems throughout the year.”

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