A twist on spring cleaning

South West Plumbing puts a twist on spring cleaning

Area residents receive advice on house preparation from leading Seattle plumbers

SEATTLE — March 10, 2021 — South West Plumbing, Seattle’s leading provider of plumbing services, urges area residents to save themselves expensive plumbing repairs in the future by doing some simple spring cleaning now.

“We all love spring because temperatures begin to warm up,” said Darrell Paul, general manager of South West Plumbing. “This is also the time when homeowners get started on their spring cleaning. While that may include dusting every nook and cranny in the house, it should also include simple maintenance for your drains and plumbing systems. A little effort now can save you from big expenses later.”

As homeowners gear up for the new season, Paul gives several tips for preparing drains and pipes for the spring transition:

  • Clean drains and drain stoppers regularly: Dirt and soap scum can quickly accumulate inside of showers and other drains, potentially causing a clog. Cleaning the drains and stoppers can help keep these substances from building up and causing issues. Consider purchasing a hair catcher for your shower to help prevent hair clogs.
  • Pour hot water down the drain: Pouring boiling water down the drain can help melt away tough buildup, including grease, hair, soap scum and fat. If there is heavy buildup, pour vinegar down the drain, let it sit overnight and then flush it with hot water.
  • Flush the water heater: Flushing the water heater annually helps prevent buildup in the bottom of the unit. Getting rid of calcium buildup in the unit will help extend the life of the water heater, saving the homeowner money on a replacement.
  • Clean faucets and shower heads: Soap scum and buildup on shower heads and sink faucets can create complications. Soaking shower heads and faucet ends in equal parts water and vinegar can help prevent clogs caused by dirty water.

“Many of us don’t think about plumbing when we think about spring,” Paul said. “But, proactively taking measures to prevent clogs can stop the hassle of replacing a pipe or having a major clog during the season.”

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