Tips & Maintenance: Heating

Furnace filters ideally ought to be changed four times a year, and certainly at least twice a year. Yet, heating technicians routinely encounter furnaces where the filters haven’t been changed in years. Ask your South West Plumbing technician about a new “permanent” filter or possibly an “electro-static” air filter. At South West Plumbing, we can take care of all of your furnace needs.

During a heating system tune up, these are just a few of the measures we take to ensure added comfort, safety, and energy efficiency to help make winter a warmer experience:

  • Inspect the heater and vent pipe.
  • Clean or replace the filter.
  • Check for ignition or flame failure.
  • Check the motor and fan bearings.
  • Check burners and controls.
  • Check safety controls.
  • Check thermostat.
  • Perform Combustion Analysis.
  • And much more.

An automatic setback thermostat is one of the best investments any homeowner can make. These devices can be programmed to modulate your household temperature for maximum comfort when occupants are present, but conserve energy when everyone is away at school, work, or vacation.

In the immediate aftermath of a major disaster, do not turn lights on or off, use any electrical appliance, or use matches if you have gas heat (or other gas appliances). Instead, you would want to contact South West Plumbing for expert help.