Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Hope you enjoy this little bit of Christmas parody………

T‘was the month before Christmas and throughout the abode

Were rusty old faucets and an outdated commode.

The plans had been made to have guests come a’callin

But the plumbing was needin’ some quick overhaulin’.

I was frettin’ and stressin’ as I thought of the cost

My mind was a spinnin’, my spirit was lost.

The days, they flew by like the leaves in a gust,

I needed a plumber… But who could I trust?

The holiday cards began arriving by mail

The coupons and specials announcing each sale

As I leafed through the stacks that the postman had brought

A particular offer had the answer I sought.

A kind looking man with a smile and a wave

Beckoned me to look closer at the money I’d save.

An offer quite tempting for needed repairs

To the kitchen, and powder and bathroom upstairs.

With Evenings and Weekends at No Extra Charge

The savings he offered were really quite large.

I picked up the phone and made a request

“Don’t send just a plumber…send me the Best!”

Within minutes a red and white truck had appeared.

On the back was the man with the smile and the beard.

Before I could blink there was a knock at my door

The plumber, his helper and tools galore

They went right to work, looking here, looking there

And when they told me the cost, I’d have money to spare.

They completed their job with a smile and a wink,

Two toilet, a faucet and new kitchen sink.

They gave me their thanks and went on their way

“Many more customers waiting today!”

My house looked amazing, my guests felt at ease

Needless to say I’m especially pleased.

So if you need plumbing or heating repair

Call the guys at South West; Fast, Friendly and Fair.