Our Thanks and Apologies

First off we want to thank all of our customers for calling South West Plumbing over the last few weeks. When the cold hits and the storms bring the heavy rains we get especially busy and although we work very hard to get to everyone that needs service, sometimes we get delayed.

Our techs were working day and night to get to all the people that had no heat or frozen pipes or flooded basements. It took us several days to catch up to the backlog of patient customers. But, we did get to everyone that was willing to wait.  And, we really enjoyed being able to help SO MANY customers in need.  We take pride in the importance of the work we do and how it impacts all of our everyday lives.

If we were not able to get to you and you had to call another company, we understand and apologize for the inconvenience. We still want to be the 1 to call for all your plumbing and heating needs so keep those magnets handy and call us first.

This recent weather episode reminds us that it is always a good idea to get preventative maintenance done in the off season. Get your furnace checked out in August or September. Have your basement drains checked in the summer. Think about which pipes might be susceptible to freezing and take the necessary precautions before the cold weather hits.

In the meantime remember that we will be out there working to keep all of our customers warm and dry throughout the cold and wet times.  Again, thanks and have a great Holiday Season!

– Dave Derring, South West Plumbing