Online Reviews for South West Plumbing

Posted on September 17, 2010

IF YOU ARE A CUSTOMER that has had a good experience with us, we’d appreciate it very much if you would find a reputable review site and post your experience there.  Of course, we’d also like you to follow us on twitter, facebook, and this blog, but the review alone will do wonders.  Unfortunately, the loudest folks always seem to be the negative ones.   We get so many great words of encouragement and many thanks for our high level of customer service, and yet many of those words come to us, but don’t get posted online to cancel out the “outspoken few”.   If you could help us out here, it would be MUCH APPRECIATED!  You can even post on our comments here that you did so.

We look forward to serving you again, and thanks to our customers for all of your kind words.